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Full stereo (L and R) wireless music for your smartphone and/or tablet.

The new SuperTooth DISCO TWIN is made of two portable, wireless, Bluetooth speakers of 16 watts each, making 32 watts stereo output. These two small devices are going to change your life, and you’ll never be able to listen to your favourite music without them anymore…anywhere… and anytime

Use the SuperTooth DISCO TWIN with a mobile phone:

Improvised dinner, last-minute party… whatever the circumstances you’ll never run out of music!

Use the SuperTooth DISCO TWIN with a Mp3 player:

Enjoy and share tunes while camping with friends, having a family picnic at the park, doing odd jobs in the garden or in the garage.






Use the SuperTooth DISCO TWIN with a computer or a tablet:

Listen to your favourite music while working at the office or at home… all wireless!









32 watts RMS !!!

Thanks to its two speakers on the front and to the bass reflex system situated at the back of every unit, the SuperTooth DISCO TWIN kicks out 32 watts RMS audio power (16 watts RMS each).

Inside or outside ?

Picture yourself listening to your favourite music, with stereo sound power and quality, whether you are working at the office, having a picnic with your family in the countryside or doing a barbecue with your friends in your garden.

Wireless - stream music from any Bluetooth A2DP device

Forget the wires, cables and other connectors; the SuperTooth DISCO TWIN is compatible with the latest version of iPhone, iPad - or even iPod Touch. The SuperTooth DISCO TWIN is equally compatible with all other phones, PCs, and MP3 players that support Bluetooth A2DP.


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  • Size and weight (each)
    Height: 182 mm
    Width: 108 mm
    Depth: 70 mm
    Weight: 552.7 grams

    External controls

    Input and output
    3.5-mm stereo headphone jack for audio

    Back view
    Battery and power
    High volume: 3 to 4 hours
    Medium volume: 10 hours
    Stand-by time: 1 500 hours
    Charging time: 2 hours
    Battery type: NI MH power pack

    Technical specifications
    Bluetooth version 3.0
    Stereo streaming of music files via Bluetooth A2DP profile, from any mobile phone or PC equipped with the same technology
    Portable product, listen to your favourite music anywhere thanks to its rechargeable battery
    Outstanding audio quality
    Operating range : 10 meters
    Frequency : 2,4 GHz

    Audio compatibility of the product

    Contents of the pack
    2 x SuperTooth Disco TWIN
    2 x Travel charger
    2 x Holster
    Jack 3.5 audio cable
    User manual



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