Hero Roamee


Hands-free kit
for bicycle helmet

Install Roamee on your bike helmet. Call, answer your calls and listen to your music, anywhere and in complete security thanks to its music, phone and intercom functionalities.


Open ear, there and everywhere

Attach Roamee to your bike helmet and conquer any terrain. Experience your outdoor adventures to the fullest. Listen to music, answer calls, and stay focused on the road – all with ease.

Easy-to-use and easy to install, Roamee will follow you on all your adventures, from the smallest to the biggest.

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Open-ear audio

Make your calls, listen to your music, and stay connected to the world around you safely.

Intercom feature

Communicate with your friends : 2 users, up to 300 meters.

Easy installation

With its two adhesive mounts, Roamee can be positioned on any bicycle helmet in seconds.

Secure fit

Roamee installs easily and securely on your helmet, at ear level.

Sleek design

Intuitive and refined interface with only 3 buttons.

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Ready for adventure ?

Wind noise canceller

On a gravel road or on cycle path, make sure to get an optimum listening quality in any conditions.

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Answer the call !


Stay in touch with everyone. Thanks to Roamee’s features, your phone calls follow you during your outdoor experiences.

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Anywhere, anytime !

Instinctive and adaptable

Reliable, safe, easy-to-use, and suitable to any bike helmet, Roamee is the partner of all your adventures.

Audio & Music
  • DSP ambient and wind noise canceller
  • Stereo sound
  • High quality speaker driver
  • Directional beam forming microphone (dual microphone)
  • Play / Pause & Next / Previous
  • Enjoy very clear music anytime
  • Music automatically stops upon receiving a call, then resumes after the call
  • Intercom : 2 users, up to 300 meters
Battery & Phone
  • Up to 3h charge
  • Phone call talk time and Music up to 8h
  • Answer / End call
  • Redial last number
  • Voice dial (via Siri / Google assistant)
Bluetooth & Compatibility
  • Bluetooth® compliance: v. 5.1
  • Supported Bluetooth® profiles: HFP A2DP AVRCP
  • Phone calls (HFP) / Music (A2DP) / Music control with next and previous function (AVRCP)
  • Bluetooth® range 10m – Class II
  • Universal design, fits most helmets
  • Instant installation
  • Easy operation, even with gloves
  • Ultra light weight
  • USB type-C
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How to switch on / switch off the Supertooth Roamee ?
  • Power on : Press main button (central button) until LED blinks blue and ascending tone can be heard.
  • Power off : Press main button (central button) until LED blinks red and descending tone can be heard.
How to pair the Supertooth Roamee with my phone ?
  • From OFF, long press main button (central button) until the LED indicator alternately flashes red / blue (7secs).
  • Go to your phone’s bluetooth menu and search for “ROAMEE” : once pairing is successful, the LED indicator will flash blue.

Roamee is now ready to use.

How to install the Supertooth Roamee on my bike helmet ?
  • Select the appropriate ROAMEE holders based on the shape of your helmet : if the surface of the helmet in contact with the holder is too small or not flat enough, choose the large holders.
  • Stick the holders on each side of your helmet. The Roamee with buttons and microphone must be positioned on the left side of the helmet.

More info on the installation guide.

How to pair two Supertooth Roamee in intercom mode ?

From OFF, press and hold Main button (central button) on each unit until LED flashes red/blue. Then, on one of the two units, long press on VOL + and VOL – simultaneously (3s) until the 2nd beep.

When both units are paired, both LED turn blue and intercom is connected.

How many Supertooth Roamee can be used in intercom mode ?

You can use up to 2 Roamee in intercom mode.

How to connect / disconnect Supertooth Roamee in intercom mode ?
  • Connect intercom : Press Main button until the first beep (1.5s) to connect intercom.
  • Disconnect intercom : Press Main button until the first beep (1.5s) to disconnect intercom.

Note: When intercom connection is lost, each ROAMEE will try to reconnect automatically. After 10 minutes, ROAMEE needs to be reconnected manually.

How to charge Supertooth Roamee’s battery ?

Connect a USB type-C cable into the charger connector. The LED will turn red while charging. The LED will turn green once the battery is fully charged.

More info on the installation guide.

What is the use of the additional foam included in Supertooth Roamee’s packaging ?

The optional foam cancels background noises to allow for a perfect communication.

How to do a reset on Supertooth Roamee ?

Reset and erase pairings : From OFF, long press all three buttons at the same time until ROAMEE turns ON and LED will blink purple twice and turn off.

Note : All paired devices will be deleted.

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